Soc for Study Myth & Tradition - Every issue explores one of the facets of human existence from the point of view of many world religions and spiritual traditions with essays and images. Founded in 1976, rituals, symbols, Parabola is devoted to the exploration of the myths, and art of the world's religious and cultural traditions.

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Light of Consciousness : Journal of Spiritual Awakening

Truth Consciousness - Light of consciousness in its 26th year, has been called 'the most spiritual magazine on the market' -John Allan. Each issue offers outstanding transformational articles and wisdom to inspire your path, meditation, including spiritual practices, healing and conscious living.

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Lion’s Roar

Lion's Roar Foundation - You'll find today's best Buddhist teachers, writers, and thinkers in the pages of Lion's Roar. And of course, teachings on Buddhist meditation and practice. Accessible, lion's roar offers buddhist wisdom for your life--on everything from health, and profound, social action, parenting, practical, and relationships to politics, and the arts.

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Tricycle : the Buddhist Review

Buddhist Ray Inc - Highly acclaimed since its 1991 launch, Tricycle is America's preeminent Buddhist publication. Tricycle: the buddhist review is an international quarterly that brings Buddhist perspectives to contemporary life and makes Buddhist teachings and practices accessible to a Western audience.

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Kalmbach Publ Co - Sure to satisfy the curiosity of your most inquisitive customers, Discover is a must-have magazine for your waiting room. Discover magazine provides a comprehensive look into the latest news in the world of science and the effect it has on our everyday lives.

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Smithsonian - This magazine chronicles the arts, environment, sciences and popular culture of the times. Membership benefits include your subscription to Smithsonian magazine, dining discounts when you visit the Smithsonian, a personalized membership card, and more. It is edited for modern, well-rounded individuals with diverse, general interests.

With your order, you become a National Associate Member of the Smithsonian.

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Psychology Today

Sussex Publishers Inc - Psychology today magazine is the only magazine devoted to exploring human behavior. Psychology today takes information from the latest research in the field of psychology and makes it useful to people in their everyday live.

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Foundation for a Mindful Soc - Spid short description not available.

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National Geographic

National Geographic Partners LLC - National geographic, chronicles exploration and adventure, the flagship magazine of the National Geographic Society, as well as changes that impact life on Earth. Editorial coverage encompasses people and places of the world, with an emphasis on human involvement in a changing universe. Major topics include culture, geography, nature, ecology, science and technology.

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Science News

Soc for Science & the Public - Science news, published by the nonprofit Society for Science & the Public, offers concise, comprehensive coverage of the latest in science. Subscribing members receive 26 issues of award-winning content in print and digital, have premier online access, and also support the Society s mission.

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Writer's Digest Print + Kindle

F&W Publications - Advice from industry experts and inspiring stories from successful writers living the dream round out the package. Kindle magazines are fully downloaded onto your Kindle so you can read them even when you're not wirelessly connected. We provide information that helps writers succeed as they pursue their passion, listings of hot markets for their work, through hands-on techniques from top authors, insider tips on working with agents and editors, and news about the writing world.

Our features and columns offer specific advice on writing and selling fiction and nonfiction books, magazine and newspaper articles, stories, plays, scripts and more. Writer's digest is the #1 magazine for writers looking to improve their skills and get published.

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